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2008-01-06 Welcome
2008-04-23 NAiL Champs - OA star ...
2008-04-03 OpenArena referee's
2008-03-19 OpenArena Leagues
2008-02-27 NAiL
2008-01-29 NA2v2L
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Welcome2008-01-06 18:38 | RailWolf
Welcome to TastySpleen Leagues. Links to each league can found on the left :)
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NAiL Champs - OA starts up2008-04-23 12:59 | RailWolf
Congrats to |D| for their very close win over Smurf in the NAiL finals. Was a long season, but worth the final match :)

OpenArena sign-ups end in 3 days. I will be sending out emails or pm's (irc) to everyone involved to verify their participation in the tournament. This should be a smooth season with an awesome 1v1 line-up.


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OpenArena referee's 2008-04-03 20:17 | RailWolf
I'm looking for a handful of referees / admins for the OpenArena leagues.

Job duties are to watch over the matches as they happen while recording demos, input the scores, communicate with the teams or players to help validate match times/dates, and general moderation of the forums.

If you are interested contact me, RailWolf, on irc.enterthegame.com #tastyspleen or irc.quakenet.org #OALeague.

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OpenArena Leagues2008-03-19 15:27 | RailWolf
I have added the Open Arena Duel League and the Open Arena CTF League. Sign-Ups are turned on.
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NAiL2008-02-27 08:03 | RailWolf
The NAiL round robin is about to come to an end. Good job to the teams who participated and good luck to the final teams who are playing out their last matches to get in the play-offs.

DIVISION A is finished except for [BTF] and {KEA}

DIVISION B has only a handful of matches left.

Once both DIVISIONS complete their season, the play-off table will be made.
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